My work is drawn from my imagination and observation of things. Whether forms of a container or pieces of jewelry, I try to create work which self-generates a character. What is real and what is not are the major keys for me to make decisions towards my work. My background being in the field of special effects make-up convinced me that putting my imagination into making objects of my own design is the only way to fulfill my desire. Investing in the truth of an object, the works I make are no longer fake, rather, they can stand on their own.

Surreal elements, such as dark humor, satire and illogical notion, also influence my work. Such ideas and imagery come out when they have something to encounter and reflect within actual life. I strive to visualize this interplay of two worlds within my work. For that reason, I carefully select representational forms as visual elements or inspiration, such as human anatomy, insects or ordinary objects. My work is often made with traditional metalsmithing materials and techniques. The preciousness and the durability of the metal simply fascinates me, and these advantages of working with metals seems to help remove the character of my work from a sense of the artificial.

As all living things consist of millions of minute different pieces, to give life to my work, I put care and details into my aesthetic. Together with these details, I try to bring surprise and absurdity to conjure a bit of excitement. I create objects which are not just sculptures, but also pieces of jewelry.